The GCE Financial Accounting Solution increases the agility and competitiveness of your organization by delivering a versatile and robust financial management and accounting package. Our core functionality is powered by the Oracle eBusiness Suite – delivering unlimited scalability and performance that can power every enterprise from start-up through to the largest global enterprises.

Empower your Company while Maintaining Financial Integrity

  • Allow your workforce to make the required business decisions within the financial structure and controls you build
  • Enable the organization to function independently and prevent the finance / accounting department from becoming a bottleneck as you grow
  • Provide your managers with access to vital information in order to make more informed decisions

Grow with a Flexible and Robust Financial System

  • Be confident that your financial system can adapt to your growing organization
  • Instill the framework today to meet the demands of the future in terms of transaction volume and additional functionality

Create Efficiencies while Improving Accuracy

  • Reduce the strain on your finance / accounting department as your organization grows and transactional volume increases
  • Empower your stakeholders to review and reconcile processes, increase productivity and enhance accounting consistency and reporting accuracy
  • Reduce the cost of internal controls by enabling and enforcing preventive control processes and monitoring tools
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