Benefits of Cloud Financial Applications

You need to keep pace with the speed of business and so does your financial accounting software. GCE brings you a cloud-based accounting service that gives you the business intelligence, access, and agility you need – all available online 24/7/365. Plus, you gain cost savings and the competitive advantage from not having to manage, train and continually upgrade your staff or your systems.

With GCE financial management in the cloud, you get:

Cost Savings

Pay as you go and as you grow with a simple fee-based monthly service. All upgrades and infrastructure are built in, eliminating the need for capital investments now and down the road.


We understand the importance of system availability to enable continuous end-user operations and we ensure a 99.99% uptime. Availability and continuity are achieved using a two-pronged approach of redundant primary systems backed by the ability to failover to a secondary site.


When you move to the cloud, you should expect more. It’s our job to deliver new features to you quickly and seamlessly, and to exceed your expectations for performance and reliability.


Access a complete finance and accounting software suite ready to go on day one. Plus on-boarding services like data migration and change management ensure your service and users are up and running quickly.

Support Services

Add only the services you need when you need them. Want on-boarding and training services to get you up and running quickly? Looking for help with your data transition? We’ve got a complete team of functional and technical experts available on-demand.